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Our GRP brackets are suitable for use in fascia work and are designed to compliment our door and window canopies. We have a range of GRP brackets, available in different styles, sizes and colours and finishes, which can be used for decorative purposes or for load bearing (when the bracket is resin-filled).They can be utilized for a range of other applications such as concealing load bearing steel brackets. Our brackets are quick and easy to install and come with a 10 year guarantee.

Glass reinforced plastic is extremely popular due to being a cheap alternative to brickwork or other materials, but there are many other advantages of using GRP brackets than just the price. Because the brackets we use are made of GRP materials, this makes them resistant to corrosion and UV degradation which means they can stand the test of time in all weather. It is half of the weight of aluminium and a seventh of steel making it a much lighter alternative to other materials while still maintaining an extremely high strength, this is another benefit, due to lowering both the cost of installation and the risk of accidents and damage, as well as allowing less material to be used.

GRP is an extremely versatile material, which can take the shape of any container due to the moulding process, so we are able to design the perfect bracket for it's use. The fact that this material can be manufactured with a variety of different finishes also adds to its versatility.