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  • Largest range of architectural building products in the UK
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  • Bespoke products manufactured on your requirements
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  • Maintenance free products – only occasional cleans needed.
  • ISO 9001 quality assured systems with full barcode traceability
  • 10 year manufacturer guarantee
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Lodge Components

These GRP products are specially made to enhance the appearance of any mobile home. They are easy to install and maintain and all products shown are fully guaranteed for 10 years against any manufacturing issues.

Please see our Bay Window Products & Columns/Pillars sections for items that can also be used for any mobile home.

Give your motorhome a Victorian makeover with our Quoins. The word Quoin is french, meaning corner, which is why they are often referred to as corner stones. These originally date back to anglo saxon buildings when they were used to strengthen walls. In Edwardian and Victorian periods, they became a fashion statement and started being used as decorative features, and are still frequently used today.

Our GRP Quoins offer a low maintenance, quick and cheaper alternative to brickwork. They are also extremely useful for covering up any unsightly marks on your exterior walls.

Our fluted columns are beautifully moulded with a lightweight and easy to handle design. Fluting refers to the grooves on a column and create the illusions of a perfectly round column, it also gives the effect of minimizing horizontal joints as well as making them look thinner, lighter and more elegant. Columns are often used on old large buildings such as banks, city halls or churches, but are also used in homes and even motorhomes, which is exactly what we create these for.

Some people believe that fluting originated from ancient woodworking practices mimicking marks on column made from trees, but others theorize that it was designed to resemble plant forms.